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Product No. 7602 Supplementary Print Price: $59

Algebra Math Pack CD-ROM

Mathematics Topic:
Abstract Algebra, Algebra
Application Areas:
PC, Adobe Acrobat

Designed for use in High Schools, two year colleges, and universities, Math Packs are self-contained lessons that bring math to life. There are 7 Packs organized by topic.

Designing a Model of a Platform Crane
History and Uses of Complex Numbers
The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
Elementary Cryptology
A Mathematical Rating System
Time Resources in Animals
Partial Payments in Loans and Savings
Matrix Multiplication and DC Ladder Circuits
Applications of High School Mathematics in Geometrical Probability
The Spacetime World: Loedel's Spacetime Diagram
The Spacetime World: The Minkowski World
The Spacetime world: Foundations of Special Relativity Theory The Spacetime World: Introduction to Spacetime
Keeping Dimensions Straight
An Application of Dihedral Groups
Linear Programming in Two Dimensions: I
Conditional Probability and Ambiguous Information
Concepts of Math for Business: The Mathematics of Finance
Concepts of Math for Business: Background Mathematics
An Inversion Method for Laplace Transforms, Fourier Transforms, and Fourier Series
A Unified Method for Finding Laplace Transforms, Fourier Transforms, and Fourier Series Using Quarternion to Compose Rotations
The Impossibility of Trisecting Angles
Food Service Management and Applications of Matrix Methods: Food Service and Dietary Requirements