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Product No. 7607 Supplementary Print Price: $59.00

Linear Algebra Math Pack CD-ROM

Mathematics Topic:
Linear Algebra
Application Areas:
MAC, PC, Adobe Acrobat

Designed for use in High Schools, two year colleges, and universities, Math Packs are self-contained lessons that bring math to life. There are 7 Packs organized by topic.

Matroids: The Theory and Practice of Greed
Multiple Reduction Copy Machines and Fractals
How Does the NFL Rate Passers?
Orthogonal Projections and Applications in Linear Algebra
Graphs, Digraphs, and Rigidity of Grids
A Mathematical Rating System
Using Real Quaternions to Represent Rotations in 3D
3D Graphics in Calculus and Linear Algebra
An Introduction to Analytic Projective Geometry and Its Applications
Exploring Power and Speed with Baseball
Linear Programming Via Elementary Matrices
Spacecraft Attitude, Rotations and Quaternions
3 x 3 Rotation Matrices in Air Traffic Control
Passive Solar Heating
Dimensional Analysis
Error-Correcting Codes I
Population Projection
Balancing Chemical Reactions with Matrix Methods and Computer Assistance
A Double-Error Correcting Code
Aspects of Coding
The Impossibility of Trisecting Angles
General Equilibrium: A Leontief Economic Model
Economic Equilibrium: Simple Linear Problems
Electrical Circuits and Applications of Matrix Methods: Analysis of Linear Circuits
Computer Graphics and Applications of Matrix Methods: Three Dimensional Computer Graphics and Projections
Food Service Management and Applications of Matrix Methods: Food Service and Dietary Requirements