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Product No. 7613 Supplementary Print Price: $20.00

Medicine Math Pack CD-ROM

Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:
Calculus Applications to Medicine
PC, Adobe Acrobat

Designed for use in High Schools, two year colleges, and universities, Math Packs are self-contained lessons that bring math to life. For your convenience, we have also gathered together lessons that illustrate the application of mathematics to variety of disciplines. Pick and choose from the best of COMAP to fit your students' interests and ability levels.

Population Growth and the Logistic Curve
Selection in Genetics
Measuring Cardiac Output
Tracer Methods in Permeability
The Human Cough
Genetic Counseling
Graphical Analysis of Some Difference Equations in Biology
Information Theory and Biological Diversity
A Cell Population Model, Dynamical Diseases, and Chaos