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Product No. 7599 Supplementary Print Price: $119.00

Consortium Pull-Out CD-ROM 2010 Edition


Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:
MAC, PC, Adobe Acrobat

Written by high school teachers and mathematicians, each Pull-Out lesson contains a reproducible classroom activity centered on a real-world modeling problem. Included are math concepts traditionally taught in high school over a wide range of applications including genetics, defense systems, voting, environmental issues, and more.

Available for the first time all 88 Pull-Outs from 1985 to 2010 on one cdrom.


Rates of Change
Bending Light and Snell's Law
Card Tricks - Magic or Mathematics?
What is the Value of Your Money?
The Mathematics of a Soda Pop Can
Voting: The Importance of Method
What Do You Expect to Happen When…?
Zero-Coupon Bonds
I Will if You Will
Checks, Check Digits, and Check Codes
Mathematical Swindles Part 1
Mathematical Swindles Part 2 - Some Puzzles & Games
The Average of Rates and the Average Rate
The Rise and Fall of the Individual Batting Average
Apples, Oranges, and Interest Rates
Earthquakes & Logarithms
Car Loans
The Long View - calculating for retirement
Time and Motion Study
A Lifetime of Automobile Expenses
Making Money with Algebra
Examining Applied Rational Functions
How Logical Are You?
Card Tricks, Card Shuffling, and Mathematics
Time, Money, & Polynomials
For Earthlings, Eccentricity is 0.01673
Tim & Tom's Financial Adventure
Eco-Powered Programs: Linear Programming in Environmental Issues
Mathematics Makes a Splash: Evaluating Hand Timing Systems
Managing Your Money: Linear Programming II
Life in the Fast Line: A Modeling Problem from the Grocery Store
Population Growth: Tree Diagrams & Infinite Series
The 1992 Election... Mathematics?
Mortality and Money
Viewing Earth From Space
The Big Texas Lottery
Mathematics and Global Positioning System
Comparing Taxed, Tax-Deferred, and Tax-Sheltered
The Utility of Insurance
Latitude and Longitude
The Wandering Sunset
Mathematics and the Stock Market
Geometry While You Wait
The Monte Carlo Method and Random Number Generators
A PERT Answer
Buying a Car, Now or Later
The Mathematics of Bond Pricing and Interest Rate Risk
Polling Pitfalls
The Super Apple Collider
Mathematics and the City Water Tower
Mathematical Modeling and Dynamical Systems
A Mathematical Model of a National Economy
Mathematics and the Apollo 11 Flight to the Moon
Alcohol and Your Body
Testing for Steroid Use
Geometry and Roof Framing
A Study of the Genetics of Sickle Cell Anemia
Does T.M. Need a Roth?
Secret Codes
Hazards of Heavy Metal
Thrills and Spills In Motion
Iteration and Chaotic Dynamics
Thrills and Spills In Motion II
Fishing and the Future
Imperfect Testing
Mathematics and Uphill/Downhill Shooting
Fairness and Apportionment I
Fishing for Food and Profit
Fairness and Apportionment II
Taking the Long View of Life
Modeling is a Two-Way Street
Geometry and Perspective Drawing
Genetics & a Mathematically Indefensible Historical Moment
Secret Codes
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Racing to War
Want a Workout? Burning Calories
Scene From Above
Speedometer and Odometer Accuracy
It Does Matter How You Slice It
House Calls
Mind Your Own Business
Modeling Images
Modeling the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Population