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STREAM Video User's Guide


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Facilitator Materials

These consist of suggested ways to use the materials as well as background on the projects, answers to the activities, and accompanying overheads. It is important to note that suggestions for use are just that. It is anticipated that different facilitators, in different settings, will certainly use these materials differently.

Participant Materials

This section consists of an introduction to each project and a large part of one preliminary unit selected and supplied by each project. The STREAM authors then selected parts of each unit to use. This selection was made with two considerations in mind: 1) the approximate time that this part of the unit would take to complete; and 2) the need to supply the participants with a unit that was representative of each project and conveyed a sense of the flow and character of the curriculum. (Although the STREAM authors realize that part of one unit cannot do justice to any of these curricula, given the time constraints and reality of inservice, it was felt that the best way to give the teachers a sense of the projects was to have them become the students and give them an opportunity to work through at least some of the materials.)

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