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The Modeling Resource CD-Rom

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This CD collection offers mathematical modeling problems, sample solutions,and other resources suitable for instructors and students in modeling courses, advisors and team members in modeling competitions, and those who want to make mathematics courses more relevant. The problems are taken from the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling, (ICM), the High School Contest in Modeling (HiMCM), and the Consortium column Everybody's Problems.

The CD is divided into three sections:

MCM/ICM Section

MCM, which began in 1985, and ICM, which began in 1999, are international contests open to undergraduates and high school students in which teams of students use mathematical modeling to solve real-world problems. The teams submit written papers to panels of judges that select the very best for recognition as outstanding. This collection gathers all of the problems, many of the outstanding papers, and the results from each year's contest. Also included are commentaries of judges and practitioners and several articles about the contest A special feature is the entire contents of the 1994 special issue of The UMAP Journal that celebrated the tenth anniversary of MCM.

HiMCM Section

HiMCM is an international contest open to high school students. Teams of students use mathematical modeling to solve real-world problems and summarize their work in written papers. Panels of judges select the very best papers to be recognized as national outstanding. Each year, a special issue of Consortium features the problems, summary pages of all national outstanding papers, several full papers, commentaries of judges and the contest director, articles by students and advisors, and the final results.
This collection gathers all such material that has appeared since the contest began in 1999. (Note: There were two HiMCMs in 2001 because the contest date was changed from spring to fall in that year.)

Everybody's Problems Section

Everybody's Problems is a regular Consortium column that discusses modeling problems suitable for high school courses, particularly problems accessible to students at all levels. The column began in 1995 and is written by several members of the mathematics department at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics: Daniel Teague, Floyd Bullard, John Goebel, Helen Compton, and Dot Doyle.