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UMAP Journal 26.3 Fall 2005 Edition - The 2005 MCM Contest Edition

Paul Campbell

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| ©2005 by COMAP, Inc. | The UMAP Journal 26.3 | 221 pages |

Table of Contents:

Back to the Future
About This Issue (and Others to Come)

Results of the 2005 Mathematical Contest in Modeling
Abstracts of the Outstanding Papers and the Fusaro Papers From Lake Murray to a Dam Slurry
Through the Breach: Modeling Flooding from a Dam Failure in South Carolina
Analysis of Dam Failure in the Saluda River Valley
Judge’s Commentary: The Outstanding Flood Planning Papers
The Booth Tolls for Thee
A Single-Car Interaction Model Traffic for a Highway Toll Plaza
Lane Changes and Close Following: Troublesome Tollbooth Traffic
A Quasi-Sequential Cellular-Automaton Approach to Traffic Modeling
The Multiple Single Server Queueing System
Two Tools for Tollbooth Optimization
For Whom the Booth Tolls
Judge’s Commentary: The Outstanding Tollbooths Papers