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Product No. 7623 Supplementary Print Price: $89.99

Mathematics as a Second Language Glossary Interactive Audio CD-ROM

David L. Pagni and Gloria G. Castellanos

Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:
System Requirements
Adobe Reader 6.0.1

Seeing and Hearing Mathematics

COMAP introduces an indispensable tool for teachers with Spanish speaking students!

The Audio Mathematics as a Second Language Glossary features mathematical terms defined in both English and Spanish with accompanying examples and/or drawings.

  • Over 300 mathematical terms clearly defined and pronounced in English and Spanish at the click of your mouse.
  • Terms defined range from the elementary to the secondary school mathematics curriculum.
  • Terms are in alphabetical order by the English word.
  • Separate cross-reference of Spanish words only appears in the index.
  • Terrific addition to English as Second Language library materials.
  • Strengthens English reading skills as you’re teaching math.
  • Purchase both print and audio formats for school and homework.

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