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This special volume commemorates the second ten years of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). With the 2005 contest, the MCM turned 21.

This volume contains all of the 20-problem sets in the second ten years of the MCM. For each year, one Outstanding paper is included, together with abbreviated accompanying commentaries.

Short articles in this volume give the current rules of the MCM, describe the process of judging the solution papers, and offer assorted short tips from advisors of teams.

We have also included a digest of the current contest rules and an account of how it is judged by contest director Frank Giordano.

Coaches of multiple Outstanding teams offer tips on how to help teams succeed.

Finally, we collect advice from the judges over the years, who have a lot to say about what to put in a contest paper.


Background and History of the MCM

Bernard (Ben) A. Fusaro

Ground Rules for the MCM

Judging the MCM
Frank Giordano

Ability, Training, Preparation
Anne M. Dougherty

Making Math Exciting
James Allen Morrow

Go with What You Know
W. Garrett Mitchener

Honor Roll
Edward E. Allen, Hugh N. Howards, Miaohua Jiang, and Stephen B. Robinson

20 Years of Good Advice
Pat Driscoll, Jerrold R. Griggs, Mark Parker, Paul Boisen, William P. Fox, Michael Tortorella, and Paul J. Campbell

1995: The Helix Intersections Problem

1996: The Contest Judging Problem

1997: The Discussion Groups Problem

1998: The Grade Inflation Problem

1999: The Asteroid Impact Problem

2000: The Air Traffic Control Problem

2001: The Hurricane Evacuation Problem

2002: The Airline Overbooking Problem

2003: The Gamma Knife Treatment Problem

2004: The Fingerprints Problem

The Other Problems of the Second Ten Years

1995: The College Salaries Problem

1996: The Submarine Detection Problem

1997: The Velociraptor Location Problem

1998: The Scanner Problem

1999: The Lawful Capacity Problem

2000: The Channel Assignment Problem

2001: The Bicycle Wheel Problem

2002: TheWind andWaterspray Problem

2003: The Stunt Person Problem

2004: The Quick Pass Problem

The 2005 Problems

The Flood Planning Problem

The Tollbooth Problem