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UMAP / ILAP Modules 2006: Tools for Teaching CD-Rom

Paul Campbell

Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:

Included on this CD-ROM:

UMAP Journal 27.1


Take a Numb3r!

Predicting Demand for the Carroll Area Transit System

Googling Markov

ILAP Module
Water Purification

On Jargon
Variational Inequalities


Guide for Authors

UMAP Journal 27.2

HIV: The Math

Special Section on the ICM
Results of the 2006 Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

The United Nations and the Quest for the Holy Grail (of AIDS)

Managing the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: 2006–2050

AIDS: Modeling a Global Crisis (and Australia)

The Spreading HIV/AIDS Problem

Judge's Commentary: The Outstanding HIV/AIDS Papers

Author’s Commentary: The Outstanding HIV/AIDS Papers

UMAP Journal 27.3
Because Math Matters

About This Issue

Special Section on the MCM
Results of the 2006 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Abstracts of the Outstanding Papers and the Fusaro Papers
Sprinkler Systems for Dummies: Optimizing a Hand-Moved

Sprinkler System

Fastidious Farmer Algorithms (FFA)

A Schedule for Lazy but Smart Ranchers

Optimization of Irrigation

Sprinkle, Sprinkle, Little Yard

Developing Improved Algorithms for Irrigation Systems

Judge's Commentary: The Outstanding Irrigation Papers

Profit-Maximizing Allocation of Wheelchairs in a Multi-Concourse Airport

Minimization of Cost for Transfer Escorts in an Airport Terminal

Application of Min-Flow to Airline Accessibility Services

Cost Minimization of Providing a Wheelchair Escort Service

A Simulation-Driven Approach for a Cost-Efficient Airport Wheelchair Assistance Service

Judges’ Commentary: The Fusaro Award Wheelchair Paper

UMAP Journal 27.4
Calculus Is Crap

Special Section on MathServe
Cooling the Macon Volunteer Clinic

Service-Learning Projects in Linked Mathematics and Computer Technology Courses

Finding a Hidden Coin





Author Electronic Copies of Contributions

UMAP/ILAP Tools for Teaching Modules 2006


UMAP Modules
791 Immunological and Epidemiological HIV/AIDS Modeling

793 The Scheduling of Traffic Lights

794 The Mathematics of Medical X-Ray Imaging

Guide for Authors