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Principles and Practice of Mathematics

Walter Meyer, Adelphi University, Coordinating Editor

Mathematics Topic:
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©1996 | 686 pages | hardcover | ISBN: 0-387-94612-8

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About This Book
1. Change
2. Position
3. Linear Algebra
4. Combinatorics
5. Graphs and Algorithms
6. Analysis of Algorithms
7. Logic and the Design of "Intelligent" Devices
8. Chance
9. Modern Algebra

Principles and Practice of Mathematics represents a new entry-level course in mathematics for students in programs such as mathematics, the sciences, and engineering. Students otherwise prepared for calculus will find this text appropriate and engaging. While the book is intended for use over two semesters, it is organized so that chapters and sections can be covered selectively and adapted easily for one-term courses.

Students will gain a wider understanding of what mathematics is all about, including some of its most modern ideas and applications. Developed over a four-year period under the direction of COMAP, with National Science Foundation support, this alternative point-of-entry into the undergraduate mathematics curriculum presents a wide spectrum of the contemporary world of mathematics.

"This textbook breaks the traditional approach of a ‘calculus course’ by giving the students the opportunity of a wider understanding of what mathematics is, paying special attention to modern ideas and applications. Materials are well prepared, with rich examples, beautiful real-life applications, exercises (half of them solved at the end), etc. Students will easily follow the topics presented, and instructors will find a great variety of resources, data on assessment facilities. . . . This new production of COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications) merits to be known and widely used to show that mathematics is a modern discipline, solving today’s problems. . . and that learning mathematics is an enjoyable task."


Click Here To Download A PDF Sample