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Product No. HiMAP Pull-Out Supplementary Print Price: FREE with membership


Marsha Davis, Pat Taylor

Mathematics Topic:
Linear Algebra
Application Areas:
Linear equations; familiarity with matrices

| ©2005 Consortium 89 | 20 pages |

The activities in this Pull-Out focus on creating animations on a graphing calculator screen.
Activity 1 consists of two parts: The Living Marquee and The Flipbook Marquee. In Part I students form a living marquee and create the illusion of a dot moving down a line. In Part II students create a flipbook marquee that when flipped displays a message that moves.

In Activity 2 students write a program to display, frame by frame, two dots moving horizontally at different rates.

In Activity 3 students use recursive equations in programs that animate a line segment and dots. The challenge in animating dots is to make them travel horizontally, vertically, and along a slanted line.

Matrices play a key role in the programs written in Activity 4. Students animate the letter E, a short message, and a stick figure.

In Activity 5 the fireworks begin, literally!