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Geometry and Perspective Drawing

Marsha Davis, Pat Taylor

Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:
Proportional properties of similar triangles; ability to identify vertices, edges and face of rectangular solid; ability to solve for one variable in terms of another given an equation involving proportions

| ©2003 Consortium 85 | 11 pages |

The activities in this Pull-Out explore the geometry of perspective drawing that is used to create depth in a picture.

In question 1 of Activity 1, students discover several principles of perspective drawing. The remainder of the activity deals with the principle of overlapping.

Activity 2 focuses on the principle of diminution and the scale of an image in a drawing.

In Activity 3 students study the principle of convergence (a consequence of diminution). They discover that horizontal lines not parallel to the picture plane converge to a point.

In Activity 4 students construct both a non-perspective view and a perspective view of a wall with windows of equal size.