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Product No. HiMAP Pull-Out Supplementary Print Price: FREE with membership

Thrills and Spills In Motion II

Marsha Davis, Pat Taylor

Mathematics Topic:
Calculus, Modeling
Application Areas:
Solve quadratic equations; graphs of parabolas; how to determine average velocity; calculator skills, lists, scatter plots, editing data, graphing functions, regression capabilities

| ©2001 Consortium 77 | 8 pages |

The activities in this Pull-Out are a continuation of the topic of motion in Consortium 75. These activities focus on motion that can be modeled by quadratic functions.

In Activity 1, students are challenged to walk in such a way that their distance-versus-time graphs are parabolas.

In Activity 2, students investigate the motion of a falling book. In the final two activities, students apply what they have learned, first to the design of a fall-off-a-building-into-the-back-of-apickup- truck stunt and second to the method of picking a winner in a strongestperson- basketball-tossing contest.