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UMAP Journal 28.3 Fall 2007 Edition - The 2007 MCM Contest Edition

Paul Campbell

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| ©2007 by COMAP, Inc. | The UMAP Journal 28.3 | 304 pages |

Publisher’s Editorial
Math Is More: Toward a National Consensus on Improving Mathematics Education

About This Issue

Special Section on the MCM
Results of the 2007 Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Abstracts of the Outstanding Papers and the Fusaro Papers

When Topologists Are Politicians

What to Feed a Gerrymander

Electoral Redistricting with Moment of Inertia and Diminishing Halves Models

Applying Voronoi Diagrams to the Redistricting Problem

Why Weight? A Cluster-Theoretic Approach to Policital Districting

Novel Approaches to Airline Boarding

Boarding at the Speed of Flight

STAR: (Saving Time, Adding Revenues) Boarding/Deboarding Strategy

The Unique Best Boarding Plan? It Depends…

Airliner Boarding and Deplaning Strategy

The Best Boarding Uses Buffers

Modeling Airplane Boarding Procedures

American Airlines’ Next Top Model

Boarding—Step by Step: A Cellular Automaton Approach To Optimising Aircraft Boarding Time

Judges’ Commentary: The Fusaro Award Airplane Seating Paper Peter Anspach and Marie