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Consortium 94, Spring/Summer 2008

Gary Froelich, Editor

Mathematics Topic:
Application Areas:

| ©2008 by COMAP, Inc. | Consortium 94 | 56 pages |

Special Edition: 2007 HiMCM Outstanding Papers

Table of Contents:

From the Editor’s Desk:
Good Ideas

Geometer’s Corner:
Mortgages and Sea Shells: A Dynamic Approach

Henry’s Notes:
Quadratics That Factor, Perhaps Too Well

Math at Work:
Random Walks and a Dimensionless Number: Mathematics for Marine Ecology

Historical Notes:
Goldbach's Conjecture

In Search of Research:
Considering Context

Pull-Out Section:
Speedometer and Odometer Accuracy

HiMCM Outstanding Papers

Math Today:
Reading in the Intersection of Biography, Mathematics, History, and the Future