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2007 HiMCM Outstanding Papers

William P. Fox

Mathematics Topic:
Applied Mathematics, Modeling, Optimization
Application Areas:
Advertising, Safety Routines, Other Areas of Mathematics

| ©2008 Consortium 94 | 14 pages |


Editor’s Comments

This is our tenth HiMCM Special Issue. Since space does not permit printing all of the four National Outstanding papers, this special section includes the summaries from two papers and abridged versions of two. We emphasize that the selection of these two does not imply that they are superior to the other Outstanding papers. We also wish to emphasize that the papers were not written with publication in mind. Given the 36 hours that teams have to work on the problems and prepare their papers, it is remarkable how much was accomplished and how well written many of the papers are.

Contest Director’s Article

Judging Results

HiMCM Judges’ Commentary

General Comments from Judges

Problem A Summary: Cheshire Academy

Problem B Summary: Castilleja School

Problem A Paper: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Problem B Paper: Central Academy