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Consortium, published twice a year and available electronically, blends contemporary teaching activities with commentaries, articles and contests to bring the excitement of mathematical modeling to high school classrooms. Each issue contains the Pull-Out section, a reproducible classroom activity centered on a real-world modeling problem. Recent Pull-Out lessons have modeled a wide range of topics including the genetics of sickle cell anemia and the accuracy of the Patriot Missile System.

Starting with issue 104 COMAP has decided to make the Consortium available as a free download. So bookmark this page and visit regularly to download the latest issue of Consortium.

Past issues of Consortium, along with other materials are available to COMAP members. Click here to learn more about COMAP membership or to sign up now.

Consortium 120, Spring/Summer 2021

| ©2021 by COMAP, Inc. | Consortium 120 |78 pages | 32MB |

Table of Contents:

From the Publisher's Desk: An Important Announcement

GAIMME Time: What is Math Modeling?

Geometer's Corner: Snub Polyhedra

Modeling Pull-Out: Modeling Botpaths

Student Research Corner: Spanning Trees

HiMCM: 2020 Contest Results