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MCM/ICM Contest

Step 1:
Form A Team
A team shall consist of up to three students from the same school and is open to all undergraduate and high school students. A math major is not required and students may be from any field of study.
Step 2:
Team Advisor
The role of advisor can be filled by any faculty, staff member, or student at your institution and they do not have to be from the mathematics department. The advisor will act as the main point of contact for the team.
Step 3:
Review The Rules
Click here to read the complete contest rules and instructions.
Step 4:

Click here to register for the MCM/ICM contest.

Step 5:

We suggest that you read some of the previous years problems which can be found here.
We have also gathered together some articles, resources and links that will be invaluable in your contest preparation.


The MCM and ICM Contests are Sponsored by:


Department of Defense Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School