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Project INTERMATH, the interdisciplinary mathematics project is creating curricula at selected universities around the country. Working with professors from science, engineering, mathematics and computer science departments, the goal is to foster the creation of interdisciplinary courses that demonstrate the interdependence of mathematics and science.

Curriculum Project INTERMATH was a consortium of eight schools and four additional associated schools led by the United States Military Academy at West Point. Interdisciplinary activities included in this initiative are centered around the process and use of Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects (ILAPs), small-group projects developed by faculty and experts from more than one discipline. Our plan is to promote reform through ILAP production, curriculum design, and conferences and workshops. We believe that the process of developing and the classroom use of these ILAPs generate the communication, involvement, and connections needed to effect educational change. This change can take many forms. Yet, we believe a common goal for cultural change is to change the way we teach.

There are numerous examples of successful interdisciplinary integration.

Interdisciplinary Lively Applications Projects (ILAPs)

ILAPs are small interdisciplinary group projects designed to motivate mathematical concepts and skills. They differ from UMAP Modules, which teach content through exposition, examples, and exercises, in being problem-solving projects.

An ILAP contains:
. background information and introduction to the situation,
. project handouts
. requirements to be fulfilled in a solution, and
. other supporting materials (sample solutions, further background material, notes for the instructor) as appropriate.

Like case studies, these projects often require students to use scientific and quantitative reasoning, mathematical modeling, symbolic manipulation, and computation to solve problems, analyze scenarios, understand issues, and answer questions. The level of prerequisite skills varies; the final product is an oral presentation or a written report.

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