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TeachMap Workshop

What is TeachMap? Few people would deny that mathematics today is at the center of most advanced technological fields. Accordingly, COMAP has developed a two-semester developmental mathematics program (DevMap). This program emphasizes mathematical modeling. It uses problems based on applications taken from a wide array of industries and technical areas including engineering, biology, biochemistry, environmental science, precision agriculture, and GPS.

We know that successful use of an applications-based curriculum is largely dependent on the ability of faculty to work with real-world problems derived from settings that may be unfamiliar to them. To provide appropriate professional development opportunities, COMAP has received support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for project TeachMap.

The TeachMap workshop focuses on how to use techical applications to enhance student learning. Instructors involve participants in active, context-rich investigations that can be used to explore traditional and non-traditional mathematical concepts. Technology (such as graphing calculators, geometric drawing utilities, and calculator-based laboratories) is used when appropriate.