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MCM/ICM Contest

Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), challenges teams of students to clarify, analyze, and propose solutions to open-ended problems. The contest attracts diverse students and faculty advisors from over 500 institutions around the world.

The Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM), an international contest for high school students and college undergraduates. ICM is an extension of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). It is designed to develop and advance interdisciplinary problem-solving skills as well as competence in written communication.

Call for Stories
Model Students
by Robert Emro,
Cornell University College of Engineering
My Decade with MCM
Nankai University, China
Xiaofeng Gao, Guoliang Wu, and Meng Wu
My Story with ICM
Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
Xilun Chen, Hang Qiu, and Chunzhi Yan

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the MCM/ICM contests, COMAP is soliciting stories from students and faculty advisers. We are interested in learning how the MCM/ICM contests impacted your education advancement and career development, and what kind of support you received from your universities. For example, did you receive awards from your universities for an Outstanding Winner Paper? Photos of award ceremonies are always welcome.

Stories must be written in English, and each story should not exceed 3 pages (including photos) with 11pt or 12pt font. Selected stories will be published on the COMAP website, and some of them may also be included in book form. COMAP will provide authors of selected stories with a one-year free COMAP web membership or a free COMAP publication.

Please submit your stories to story@comap.com.

Mark your calendar the 2015 contest dates are set for February 5-9, 2015

To print the 2014 MCM/ICM flyer, click here.

The MCM and ICM Contests are Sponsored by:


Department of Defense Analysis, Naval Postgraduate School,
CSIAM - Chinese Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

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Chinese students may obtain more information about the MCM/ICM contests in Chinese at:


The Modeling Resource CD-Rom offers mathematical modeling problems, sample solutions, and other resources suitable for instructors and students in modeling courses, advisors and team members in modeling competitions, and those who want to make mathematics courses more relevant. The problems are taken from the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling, (ICM), the High School Contest in Modeling (HiMCM), and the Consortium column Everybody's Problems. Learn More

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