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Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications

Discrete Mathematics.

Written specifically for high school courses, Discrete Mathematics: Modeling Our World is a new fifth edition of the formerly titled Discrete Mathematics Through Applications. It is designed to help you implement mathematical modeling in your classroom, in a way that promotes active learning, critical thinking, and fully engaged student participation.

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Next Up: The High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM)® and The Middle Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MidMCM) Will Be Held on November 6-19, 2024

Happy students around table, High-fiving.

Next Up: Mathematical Association of America's (MAA) MathFest August 7-10, 2024, Indianapolis, IN

Contributed Paper Session: Environmental Science for Mathematics Students

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Centered around mathematical modeling, most from an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary perspective, COMAP resources are academically rigorous and engaging for teachers and students.

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Powered by COMAP content, goes beyond our contests to make applied mathematics and modeling a year-round activity with articles, webinars, problems with solutions, and more.


    Math & Modeling Contests

    COMAP’s international modeling contest opportunities at the middle school, high school, and undergraduate levels challenge teams of students to solve a real-world application problem, present their solution, and win recognition.

    Math & Modeling Resources

    COMAP provides educators and students a vast array of resources for teaching, learning, professional development, and contest participation. Resources are multidisciplinary, academically rigorous, and fun.

    COMAP Blog

    COMAP is blogging! Check out our array of blogs addressing applied mathematics, math and interdisciplinary modeling, math and STEM education, and more.

    Conferences & Meetings

    Visit this page for updates about conferences and meetings that COMAP will be sponsoring and/or attending.

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    Join as a student or educator FREE member for access to many free math and modeling resources. Upgrade to a Full Membership to access our complete and growing library of modeling modules and publications.

    Video Library

    Use the power of video to explore the world of mathematics with COMAP’s award-winning video series.

    COMAP News & Announcements

    What's new in mathematics education, contests, and more

    COMAP Leadership Announcement

    COMAP is extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Benjamin Galluzzo will be joining the team as Executive Director on July 1, 2024. Ben is an established leader in mathematics modeling education, both nationally and internationally, with extensive experience as an educator and administrator in PK-12 and higher education. Click here to learn more.

    Popular Blog Posts

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    July 8th is Math 2.0 Day, a special day dedicated to the blending of math and technology. This day recognizes how digital tools are transforming the way we learn, teach, and use math.

    How can we get more students excited about participating in a math competition? Here are some tips to spark that enthusiasm.

    COMAP is an award-winning non-profit organization with the goal of improving mathematics education.

    The mission of COMAP – The Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications - is to improve mathematics education with an emphasis on increasing student proficiency in mathematical modeling.

    Since 1980, COMAP has worked with educators, students, businesses, and industry to create learning environments where mathematics is used to investigate and model real issues in our world.