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Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications

What We Do

COMAP develops curricular materials and professional development programs, most from an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary perspective, that are academically rigorous and engaging for educators and students.

COMAP's educational philosophy centers on mathematical modeling: using mathematical tools to explore real-world problems. Our products are developed and offered in a wide variety of formats. COMAP provides technical assistance and professional development support to educators at all levels. COMAP partners with other organizations and participates in national and international conferences with the goal of encouraging educators to integrate applied mathematics and modeling into their classrooms.

COMAP offers international mathematical modeling contests opportunities for students at the middle school, high school, and undergraduate levels to engage as teams to solve a real-world problem, present their solution, and earn recognition. In addition, such contests provide an experience in which students develop interpersonal skills through teamwork and earn an impressive resume credential. COMAP offers the Middle Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MidMCM) and High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM)® annually in November, and the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)® and Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM)® annually in February. In addition, the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C)® allows two teams from each participating country or region to compete in a spring high school modeling competition. 

COMAP produces Consortium, an innovative curriculum magazine for high school educators, and the UMAP Journal, for undergraduate students and educators. Consortium, published twice a year and available electronically, blends modeling activities with commentaries, articles focused on teaching and learning, and contest results and information to bring the value of mathematical modeling to high school classrooms. The UMAP Journal, published quarterly and available electronically with a COMAP membership, blends contemporary teaching modules, interesting topical columns, contest results, and modeling application articles creating a unique periodical.

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