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The Ham Sandwich Theorem: A Slice of Mathematical Wonder

| Math Curriculum, Fun with Math

The Ham Sandwich Theorem isn't about sandwiches, per se. It's actually a principle in geometry that can apply to a whole range of situations.

What Is Applied Mathematics and Why Is It So Important

| Math Curriculum
So, what is applied math? Applied mathematics is the bridge between mathematical theory...

Celebrating Excellence in Mathematical Modeling: A Recap of the 2023 HiMCM and MidMCM

| Math Contests
We have successfully concluded the 2023 High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (H...

8 Math Modeling Examples That Demonstrate the Importance of Modeling in the Real World

| Math Curriculum, Math Modeling
This blog post delves into diverse math modeling examples showing how modeling can be a...

COMAP's Noteworthy Contributions and Engagements at JMM 2024

| Events
COMAP's recap of the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) that took place from January 3-6,...

A Massive Collection of Math Quotes to Get You Inspired and Motivated

| Fun with Math
Motivational quotes are a great way to get excited, get moving, and share your passion....

A Student Guide for Getting Started with Math Modeling

| Math Modeling
In this blog post, we'll explore the basics of math modeling and provide a step-by-step...

The Math Model You Need for Perfect Christmas Lighting

| Math Modeling, Fun with Math
There's a Christmas lighting math model that's about to turn your holiday decorating wo...

10 More Reasons to Participate in a Math Modeling Contest

| Math Contests
We previously shared 9 reasons to enter a math contest, and today we’re back with 10 mo...

19 Math-Inspired Books for Exploring the Beauty of Numbers

| Fun with Math
In this blog post, we'll explore a curated list of math-inspired books that delve into ...

The Importance of Math Modeling in STEM and Beyond

| Math Modeling
In this blog post, we'll delve into the profound importance of math modeling in STEM an...

8 Exciting Careers That Rely on Applied Mathematics

| Math Modeling
Let's explore some exciting careers that rely on applied mathematics, demonstrating how...

7 Last-Minute Math Modeling Contest Tips

| Math Contests, Math Modeling
Math modeling contests can be challenging, but these last-minute math contest tips can ...

Boarding a Plane Window Seats First, A Math Modeling Problem

| Math Curriculum, Math Modeling
United Airlines will now allow passengers in window seats to board before those in mid...

Infectious Learning at NCTM

| Math Modeling, Fun with Math
COMAP is excited to team up with Operation Outbreak (OO) at the NCTM National Meeting t...

In Their Own Words: Anne Dougherty, Mathematical Modeling Contest Advisor

| Math Contests
Get a behind-the-scenes peek at COMAP math contests from Anne Dougherty, Associate Chai...

Math in Pictures: Fall Colors and Math

| Math Modeling, Fun with Math
In this Math in Pictures blog we turn our attention to some Boston Ivy outside the wind...

COMAP Math Contest Advisor Guide: Quick Tips for Advising a Team

| Math Contests
A quick-start guide to help COMAP math contest advisors have a successful and enjoyable...

Math Modeling Real-World Topics: Gerrymandering

| Math Modeling
In this blog series, we're highlighting math modeling modules and articles that explore...

In Their Own Words: Veronica Ciocanel, Mathematical Modeling Contest Advisor

| Math Contests
Get a behind-the-scenes peek at COMAP math contests from Veronica Ciocanel, Assistant P...

Why You Should Participate in This Middle School Math Contest

| Math Contests
Are you a middle school math, science, or STEM teacher looking for an exciting way to e...

Math Modeling Real-World Topics: Indy Racing

| Math Modeling, Fun with Math
In this blog series, we're highlighting math modeling modules and articles that explore...

Math Modeling Handbook: Three Reasons You Need It This School Year

| Math Curriculum, Math Modeling
Our Mathematical Modeling Handbook is the perfect companion for bringing math modeling ...

Hot Math: A Nice Opportunity to Apply Probability to Current Events

| Math Modeling, Fun with Math
Global daily temperatures have been the hottest on record in the last 120,000 years. Ho...

Math Modeling Real-World Topics: Weight Loss

| Math Modeling
We're highlighting math modeling modules that explore real-world issues that have broad...


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