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Web Membership (Web only) Designed for:

  • Secondary Teachers
  • Secondary Supervisors
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Mathematical Practitioners
  • Mathematics Supervisors
  • Pre-service Teacher Trainers

Members receive:

Membership Plus (Print plus web ) Designed for:

  • Upper Secondary Teachers (pre-calculus and beyond)
  • College Instructors / Professors
  • Pre-service Teacher Trainers
  • In-service Teacher Trainers
  • Mathematics Supervisors
  • Mathematical Practitioners

Members receive:

  • Online membership to that allows members to search our online catalog, download select COMAP print materials, and reproduce them for use in their classes.
  • NEW Online membership to that allows members to view and download problems, student papers, commentaries, articles and resources.

  • NEW Online membership to COMAP�s Video Applications Library. Select videos from our award winning video archives are now available for streaming.
  • All memberships are based on a calendar year.

    Domestic: $217
    Outside US: $257

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COMAP also has institutional membership options;

for information click here or call us at 1-800-772-6627.