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The Elementary Mathematician Vol 11 Num 3 - 4 Fall / Winter 1997

Author: Various

The Elementary Mathematician, COMAP's award-winning K-6 newsletter is available for the first time in electronic format. Each issue contains a collection of K-6 mathematic lessons that are fun to teach and exciting to learn.

Each issue contains a Pull-Out section which includes thematic lessons based on the national census, wildlife, other cultures, technology, and provides a practical way to bring the concepts and pedagogy of the NCTM Standards into your classroom.

Table of Contents:

Frog Olympics

Making Froggie Containers

Creating Your Amphibian Athletes

Leaping Olympic Trails

Figure It All Out: Finding the Mean, Median, and Toad (whoops) Mode

Interpreting Your Froggie Data

Frog Olympic Events: Let the Games Begin!

The Awarts Ceremony & Follow-Up

©1997 by COMAP, Inc.
The Elementary Mathematician 11.3-4
21 pages

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