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The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education Volume 4 Number 1, 2009

Author: Various

Table of Contents

Editorial Note

Guest Editorial

Renaud d'Enfert and Angel Ruiz

Research Papers
The School as "Laboratory": Giovanni Vailati and the Project to Reform Mathematics Teaching in Italy

Modern Mathematics in Brazil: The Promise of Democratic and Effective Teaching

Two Mathematics Reforms in the Context of Twentieth Century France: Similarities and Differences

Students' Notebooks as a Source of Research on the History of Mathematics Education

Back to the Future: The Conservative Reform of Mathematics Education in the Soviet Union During the 1930s-1940s

Defining the Teachers' Knowledge: A Discussion About Examinations for Primary and Secondary School Teachers in Brazil in the Nineteenth Century

Mental Arithmetic and Conceptual Understanding: The Pedagogical Struggle for the Deaf in the Late Nineteenth Century

Peggy Aldrich Kidwell, Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, David Lindsay Roberts: Tools of American mathematics teaching, 1800-2000, rev. by GERT SCHUBRING

The School Mathematics Project: Its Early Years

Notes on Contributors
Information for Contributors

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The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education 4.1
152 pages

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