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The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education Volume 4 Number 2, 2009

Author: Various

Table of Contents

Research Papers

The Notion of Magnitude in Teaching: The "New Elements" of Arnauld and His Inheritance

The Century when Mathematics Became for All

Gender and Science: Greek Women and the History of Mathematics Education in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

"A Border State": A Historical Exploration of the Formative, Educational, and Professional Experiences of Black Mathematicians in the United States

Interview with Jeremy Kilpatrick

On-going Research in the History of Mathematics Education

The Legacy of David Bierens de Haan

Angela Lynn Evans Walmsley: A History of Mathematics Education during the Twentieth Century, rev. by ALEXANDER KARP

Notes on Contributors
Information for Contributors

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The International Journal for the History of Mathematics Education 4.2
124 pages

Mathematics Topics:

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