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Deletion Error Codes

Author: Joseph Malkevitch

In broad terms mathematics is seen as the investigation of patterns arising in the study of numbers and shapes. However, a relatively recent change of point of view has helped generate dramatic new technologies and mathematical insights by studying numbers as strings of symbols, the symbols chosen from some alphabet. Thus, 2352, while it can be viewed as a number using decimal digits, is also a string of length 4 from the alphabet 0,1,2,....,9; 111011 is a string, using the alphabet 0,1 or viewable as the binary number system way to represent the same number as LIX (59) written using Roman Numerals; GCTTAG is a short string (length 6) representing a small piece of DNA, where the alphabet consists of A,C,G,T. The letters used are the first letters of the nucleobases that make up DNA, adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.

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