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GAIMME Time: Mathematical Modeling: Where Math and Creativity Converge

Author: John Cabra – Jessica Libertini – Kenneth Poole

Mathematical modeling is authentic and empowering, as students get to make choices and take ownership of the process. This benefit of modeling is a recurring theme in the GAIMME Report. There is also a parallel benefit — one that is just as powerful and important for imbuing students with the mindset and tools they will need to address the real challenges of a tomorrow we can only dream about. That benefit is creative problem solving. Unlike a word problem where there is an expected approach and one right answer, a modeling problem invites students to tap into their creati- vity: defining the problem, identifying the important factors, selecting and building a model, refining their work, applying their model(s), and interpreting the results. While there are many ways to view creative problem-solving, creativity scientists have developed a useful model for us to bring into our classrooms, the Creative Problem Solving process.

In this edition of GAIMME Time, we have partnered with experts in the science and application of creativity to explore the Creative Problem Solving process: what it is, how and where it appears in the mathematical modeling process, how creativity preferences might manifest as students engage in the modeling process, and how awareness of creativity preferences could improve our understanding of our students and their understanding of themselves and their peers as they work together on modeling challenges.

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