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Modeling Movies Using Network Science, Part 2

Author: Garrett Dancik, Marsha Davis and Megan Heenehan

This pull-out is the second part of a two-part series. The expectation is that students have completed the activities in Modeling Movies Using Network Science, Part 1 (Consortium 117, Fall/Winter 2019). However, a student with a background in graph theory may be able to work though the activities in Part 2 with a minimal amount of supplement from Part 1. In this Pull-Out we return to the character interaction network for the movie Marvel's The Avengers, which was introduced in Part 1, Activity 2 (See Figure 2B.1, page 25).

Mathematics prerequisites and discussion:

Students should be familiar with the concept of a network, and the terms node and link. Given a network, students should be able to determine the degree of a node. They should be familiar with adjacency matrices, which are defined on page 19 of Activity 1: Introduction to Networks (Part 1). They should review node centrality measures such as degree, closeness, and betweenness centrality for Activity 7.

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Consortium 118
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Mathematics Topics:

  • Discrete & Finite Mathematics ,
  • Graph Theory

Application Areas:

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