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The MAA's Instructional Practices Guide and The GAIMME Report

Author: Jessica Libertini

In 2017 as part of a concerted effort to improve issues of access and equity in mathematics education, the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) released the Instructional Practices Guide (IPG) to bring the best practices from the rich body of research-based literature in teaching mathematics to an audience of practitioners - the teachers in college mathematics classrooms.

Wait a minute! I thought this column was supposed to help me use the ideas from COMAP and SIAM's GAIMME Report in my high school or college math classroomĶ Why am I reading about the MAA's IPG? Well, firstly, there is a lot of synergy between the IPG and the GAIMME Report. Secondly, high school and college classrooms both have important roles in the work of increasing the accessibility of the field so that all students can reap the joy and benefits of learning mathematics in a meaningful way. Thirdly, with the release of the MAA's IPG Book Study Guide in late 2020, it is now easier to engage with the IPG.

And lastly, it never hurts to know about what is on the forefront of teaching practices through the lens of the various professional societies. So, in this article, we will spend a little time looking at the IPG, the synergies with the GAIMME Report, and the value of the IPG Book Study Guide, in the hopes that you can continue to grow in your confidence and enthusiasm as you bring more modeling experiences into your classroom.

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