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Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications

The UMAP Journal

The Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications (UMAP) Journal

The Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications (UMAP) Journal, published quarterly, blends contemporary teaching modules with commentaries and articles to create a boldly different periodical. Each issue puts several real-world problems under a mathematical lens and demonstrates how real people are using mathematics in their jobs and lives. Whether it is exploring an elegant explanation of price-elasticity of illegal drugs, or the strategic implications of disarming the U.S. nuclear arsenal, The UMAP Journal is the modeling journal for anyone interested in applied mathematics. The current issue of UMAP is available free online, with previous issues available electronically with COMAP full membership. COMAP also offers a print subscription as an add-on to full members.

Latest Issue

UMAP Journal 45.2 Summer 2024 Edition

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial
Creativity and Community Service

Model Reality Check
The FA Cup Soccer Tournament: Probabilities vs. Predictions

Teaching Modeling
Making Graph Theory Relevant

Teaching Mathematical Modeling in a Sustainability Context

UMAP Module
Same-Score Streaks in Basketball and in Other Sports


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