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A Collection of Math Quotes to Get You Inspired and Motivated

| Fun with Math
Motivational quotes are a great way to get excited, get moving, and share your passion....

10 Interesting Math Modeling Modules to Try Today

There are many math modeling modules available on our website, but we compiled a sample...

Dartboards and Math Modeling: Where to Aim?

Where should you aim at a dartboard in which the bullseyes, and the tripling and doubli...

Math in Pictures: All Cracked Up

| Fun with Math
Although mud, tree canopies, and giraffes are all very different from each other, they ...

Blazing a Math Trail: What It Is and How to Get Started

| Math Curriculum, Fun with Math
Have you ever heard of a math trail? If you love math and walking, this is the perfect ...

Math in Pictures: Morphometrics with Fall Leaves

| Fun with Math
What can you do with fall leaves besides raking them? Math! Here is a simple hands-on i...

Math in Pictures: Archer Fish, Natural Mathematicians

| Fun with Math
Have you ever seen an archer fish? They are fascinating for several reasons, but perhap...

Math in Pictures: Have a Seat but Not Too Close

| Fun with Math
Birds sitting on wires often seem to be regularly spaced. What are they thinking? And w...


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