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August 7, 2023
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Math Modeling Handbook: Three Reasons You Need It This School Year

Our Mathematical Modeling Handbook supports the implementation of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) in high schools. It's the perfect companion for bringing math modeling concepts into your classroom.


What You Can Expect from Our Math Modeling Handbooks

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when you add the Mathematical Modeling Handbook to your curriculum.

1. Get the Materials You Need to Teach Mathematical Modeling

The Mathematical Modeling Handbook bolsters the CCSSM approach to interpret modeling not as a collection of isolated topics but in relation to the content standards. The Handbook provides modules containing teacher guides, student activities, possible solutions and natural classroom extensions for over 25 topics, together with references to specific modeling standards for which the topics may be appropriate.

2. Focus on Three Key Aspects of Math Modeling Implementation

Each of the three handbooks focuses on a specific aspect of modeling implementation: modeling content, evaluation of modeling performance, and planning modeling instruction.

  1. Mathematical Modeling Handbook I - Supports the in-classroom implementation of CCSSM Mathematics Modeling conceptual category.
  2. Mathematical Modeling Handbook II: The Assessments - Provides several alternate assessment modes for each of the original modules in Handbook I.
  3. Mathematical Modeling Handbook III: Lesson Paradigms - Approaches the planning of mathematical modeling lessons with a broader brush than is customary for more commonplace topics from algebra and geometry. 

3. Help Students Develop a Modeling Mindset

Math modeling is most effective when interpreted not as a collection of isolated topics but in relation to other standards. The goal of our handbooks are to encourage recognition of mathematical opportunities in everyday events, so students can benefit from a math modeling mindset in and out of the classroom.


How to Get These Math Modeling Handbooks

Our handbooks are available in both print and CD-ROM formats. Here are ways you can purchase:

If you’d like to preview the handbook before purchasing, you can download a sample of Mathematical Modeling Handbook I here.

For more products, be sure to visit our online bookstore!

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