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August 17, 2023
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Math Modeling Real-World Topics: Indy Racing

In this blog series, we're highlighting math modeling modules and articles that explore real-world issues that have broad implications. Today, we're talking about Indy racing.

Topic Summary

Ok, imagine this. Your first employer after you graduate from college, has decided to sponsor an Indy Racing League team for the Indy 500. And you need to create the math models that explain and justify various aspects of the project to your boss.

About the Module

In this Indy Racing math module, you will develop a model of tire performance as a function of ambient temperature, track temperature, and tire pressure. You also have to provide various informative facts about the racetrack, to be used in the program for the race, in particular the radius of the track corners and the volume of asphalt in the track.

The module details will help you determine the mathematical processes that need to be used and discuss all assumptions and limitations of your model. 

How to Access the Module

This math modeling module is available with a free membership on the COMAP website. Sign up here to get access. Then, download the module here. Get the free Indy Racing module here.

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